Beginning Web Development with Visual InterDev 6

Beginning Web Development with Visual InterDev 6 Author : Andrew Mumford, Mike Cai, Jon Duckett, Paul Wilton
Publisher : Wrox Press
Pub Date : 1999
Page : 617
Language : en
Rating :

Here is Beginning Web Development with Visual InterDev 6 eBook or ePub.

This book will take you step by step through the creation of web applications, using Microsoft powerful, premier web development tool – Visual InterDev 6. in this book you’ll learn what a web application is, look at the major technologies behind web development, including HTML, XML and object oriented programming, see how to incorporate data from databases into your pages using Active Server Pages and ActiveX Data Objects, and write pages containing Vbscript, JavaScript and ActiveX components. you’ll create lots of useful samples for your real-life applications and will be encouraged to practice at every step of the way. Who is this book for ? Beginning Web Development. with InterDev 6 is aimed at anyone who wants a hands-on approach to learning how to create their own web applications, be it for a company intranet or a site on the World Wide Web. No prior knowledge programming language or web development is needed, although a basic familiarity with the Microsoft Windows environment is assumed. The database examples in this book primarily use SQL Server, although Access is also demonstrated as an alternative. What does this book cover ? Visual InterDev 6 and Personal Web Server. Creating web applications within the Visual InterDev 6 environment. Applying themes and layouts to produce professional looking web sites. Using mark-up languages (HTML, DHTML, XML). Introduction to VBScript and JavaScript, and working with Active Server Pages. Linking web pages to databases with ADO. Using design time controls and writing COM components. Error handling and debugging.

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