BioCoder #10: April 2016

Here is BioCoder #10: April 2016 eBook or ePub.

BioCoder is a quarterly newsletter for DIYbio, synthetic bio, and anything related. You’ll discover:

  • Articles about interesting projects and experiments, such as the glowing plant
  • Articles about tools, both those you buy and those you build
  • Visits to DIYbio laboratories
  • Profiles of key people in the community
  • Announcements of events and other items of interest
  • Safety pointers and tips about good laboratory practice
  • Anything that’s interesting or useful: you tell us!

And BioCoder is free (for the time being), unless you want a dead-tree version. We’d like BioCoder to become self supporting (maybe even profitable), but we’ll worry about that after we’ve got a few issues under our belt.

If you’d like to contribute, send email to Tell us what you’d like to do, and we’ll get you started.

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Biocoder 10 April 2016

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Release Date : 2016-04-20
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