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It is 1980, and Jake Kincannon is a struggling private investigator with a habit of taking unusual cases. With the help of his beautiful gal Friday and romantic interest, Julie Carson, Jake wraps up several small investigations that barely make it worthwhile to continue his agency. As another year with few prospects for big cases looms ahead, Jake’s enthusiasm is fading fast. Lucky for Jake, his fortune is about to change.

Wilson J. Wells, a PhD in science and mathematics, is in desperate need of Jake’s services. After he calls and invites Jake to visit his laboratory to see his invention Forty plus years in the making, Jake discovers that Dr. Wells has carefully chosen him—a man trained to kill, experienced in investigations, and eager for cash—to help him carry out a mission. Dr. Wells has but one desire and purpose for his creation: he needs someone to take a journey and save the life of his brutally murdered wife, Sheila. Jake, seemingly left with no other choice, reluctantly agrees to attempt to change history without realizing the true impact of his decision.

In this action-packed mystery, Jake Kincannon travels back in time with the hope of preventing a terrible tragedy is about to discover that time is both his friend and enemy.

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