Pharmacovigilance Database

Pharmacovigilance Database Author : Ravi Humbarwadi
Publisher : Createspace Independent Pub
Pub Date : 2015-01-19
Page : 60
Language : en
Rating :

Here is Pharmacovigilance Database eBook or ePub.

PHARMACOVIGILANCE DATABASE. ORACLE ARGUS SIMPLIFIED OVERVIEW. Aris G, Oracle Argus, Empirica Trace, Sapphire, Clintrac are pharmacovigilance databases. This is an overview and gives a comprehensive insight that allows you an understanding of the databases currently in use in pharmacovigilance across the globe. Special Feature: Oracle Argus Specific Overview . Process- Book In to Medical Review. General Information – Reporter, Patient information to Pregnancy and Literature. Product – Suspect to Treatment Drug & Coding Modules. Event – Event input to Causality and Listedness Modules. Analysis – Narrative to Sender’s comment. An End to End Field by Field and Module to Module Database Book.

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