Social Impacts of Digital Media

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The rapid uptake of digital technologies hugely impacts on how we communicate, relate, learn, work, and spend our leisure time. Digital media literacy is the ability to access, understand and participate or create content using digital media. This ability is becoming integral to effective participation in the digital economy and Australian society. Those who do not adapt may fall victim to the ‘digital divide¿ and be excluded. The ‘digital revolution¿ has positive and negative effects, which are both explored in this timely book. On the positive side, people are increasingly being connected across distances with the greatest of ease and innovation via mobile phones, online social networking, blogging, gaming and e-learning. On the negative side are a range of social impacts ¿ internet addiction, cyberbullying, inappropriate exposure to pornography, privacy risks, and cyber crime.Chapter 1: Digital media trends and participationChapter 2: Social mediaChapter 3: Online safetyWorksheets and activities; Glossary; Fast facts; Web links; Index

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