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“In this sequel to ‘The Eagle Has Landed, ‘ ‘Devlin is asked by the Germans to parachute into England and free Steiner from St. Mary’s Priory, where he has been taken after being held captive in the Tower of London. This sequel involves a plot to thwart the assassination of Hitler in order to prevent the nation’s takeover by Himmler and the SS. Higgins is truly a master of the genre and, although the sequel is a little farfetched, his millions of fans won’t be disappointed.'” Booklist “Although this novel is a sequel to ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ it can be read on its own. In the prior novel, an attempt by Hitler to engineer the assassination of Winston Churchill fails. One German, Colonel Kurt Steiner who is involved in the plot, was captured and imprisoned in the Tower of London. In the sequel, a plan is initiated by Himmler to free Steiner with the help of General Walter Schellenberg who is a respected war hero but not a Nazi. The reason for htis rescue is unclear; but Schellenberg proceeds to develop a plan and is helped by Liam Devlin, an IRA gunman, and poet, and an American ace pilot, Asa Vaughan, who has wound up on the wrong side of the fight in World War II.” Shapiro. Fic for Youth 3d ed.

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