Understanding International Conflicts

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Written by renowned scholar and former policymaker Joseph Nye,Understanding International Conflictsis a brief and penetrating introduction to the study of world politics. The text deftly applies a combination of history and theory to evaluate conflict and cooperation among international actors, thus providing students a framework for understanding contemporary issues. From World War I to modern terrorism and information revolutions to global governance,Understanding International Conflictsis a highly readable survey that answers as well as raises compelling questions about the future of international relations.


“Sometimes original scholars sound pedantic when addressing central issues of world politics; often policymakers speak in code or platitudes. Not so Professor Nye. As any reader will see, the work in your hands is lucid, direct, and concise. Reading Nye’s writing on world politics is like watching Joe DiMaggio play center field or Yo-Yo Ma play the cello: he makes the difficult look easy.”—from Robert Keohane’s Foreword toUnderstanding International Conflicts, 7/e.

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