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As the demand for higher bandwidth has lead to the development of increasingly complex wireless technologies, an understanding of both wireless networking technologies and radio frequency (RF) principles is essential for implementing high performance and cost effective wireless networks.

Wireless Networking Technology clearly explains the latest wireless technologies, covering all scales of wireless networking from personal (PAN) through local area (LAN) to metropolitan (MAN). Building on a comprehensive review of the underlying technologies, this practical guide contains ‘how to’ implementation information, including a case study that looks at the specific requirements for a voice over wireless LAN application. This invaluable resource will give engineers and managers all the necessary knowledge to design, implement and operate high performance wireless networks.

· Explore in detail wireless networking technologies and understand the concepts behind RF propagation.
· Gain the knowledge and skills required to install, use and troubleshoot wireless networks.
· Learn how to address the problems involved in implementing a wireless network, including the impact of signal propagation on operating range, equipment inter-operability problems and many more.
· Maximise the efficiency and security of your wireless network.

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