2012 Global Food Policy Report

2012 Global Food Policy Report

IFPRI’s flagship report examines the major food policy issues, developments, and decisions of 2012. By putting into perspective the year’s food policy successes and disappointments, it suggests how to move forward those policies that improve the food situation for the poor.

Reflecting the expertise and experience of IFPRI researchers and other leading food policy experts, the report considers sever crucial questions:

• Where is agricultural productivity growing and why, and what are the implications for the global food supply?
• How has sustainable development evolved and is a green economy far behind?
• What is needed for gender considerations to become an integral part of agricultural and rural development?
• How can agriculture offer meaningful jobs to the growing number of young people in Africa?
• What directions are US and EU agricultural policies taking, and how do they diverge?
• What are IFPRI’s scenarios for how Brazil, China, and India will influence global food security to 2050?

The 2012 Global Food Policy Report features illustrative figures, tables, indicators and a food policy timeline.

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