A World Out Of Time

By | June 23, 2019

A World Out Of Time

After 200 years in cryosleep, Jaybee Corbell awakens to find that his mind has been downloaded to another body and he’s in servitude to a harsh future State.  After his escape via a spaceship, he traverses such vast distances–with accompanying time dilations–that he returns to Earth 3 million years later to discover a world wholly alien to the one he’d left.  A.E. van Vogt wrote, “This fantastic novel is a mix of Niven hard science and a time-travel concept to boggle the mind.”

“This fantastic novel is a mix of Niven hard science and a time-travel concept to boggle the mind…even after the last line the feeling remains of the story still rushing on into the magic distance of the universe.”
– A.E. van Vogt

“Niven’s intoxicating concepts, ideas, scientific extrapolations, and exotic hardware buffle up from every page.  Rich in imagination and astonishing in breath … will challenge the most sophisticated readers.”
– ALA Booklist
“Terrific fun!” 
– Kirkus Reviews

“His tales have grit, authenticity, colorful characters and pulse-pounding narrative drive.  Niven is a true master!” 
– Frederik Pohl
“Larry Niven is one of the giants of modern science fiction.” 
– Mike Resnick
“Our premier hard SF writer.” 
– The Baltimore Sun
“Niven…lifts the reader far from the conventional world — and does it with dash.” 
– The Los Angeles Times
“Niven…juggles huge concepts of time and space that no one else can lift.”  
– Charles Sheffield
“In creating a geologic world and in the interactions between humans and aliens, Niven is superb.” 
– Boston Sunday Globe
“One of the genre’s most prolific and accessible talents.” 
– Library Journal

“The scope of Larry Niven’s work is so vast that only a writer of supreme talent could disguise the fact as well as he can.” 
– Tom Clancy

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