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Cyberspace and Cybersecurity

Based on related courses and research on the cyber environment in Europe, the United States, and Asia, Cyberspace and Cybersecurity supplies complete coverage of cyberspace and cybersecurity. It not only emphasizes technologies but also pays close attention to human factors and organizational perspectives. Detailing guidelines for quantifying and measuring vulnerabilities, the book also explains how… Read More »

Android Database Programming

This book is a practical tutorial approaching the topic with clear instructions and examples. With easy to understand examples and scenarios you can apply almost anywhere, this book walks you through both local and external data storage methods for the Android platform. "Android Database Programming" targets developers who are experienced with databases and other back-end… Read More »

XML, Web Services, and the Data Revolution

Offers a comprehensive study of XML in relation to the development and implementation of dynamic Web services, providing a thorough overview of the various facets of XML and its related technologies, its impact on the business and computer worlds, and the growing influence and application of Web services. Original. (Intermediate)