The Definitive Guide

Cloudera Administration Handbook

An easy-to-follow Apache Hadoop administrator’s guide filled with practical screenshots and explanations for each step and configuration. This book is great for administrators interested in setting up and managing a large Hadoop cluster. If you are an administrator, or...

Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration The Complete Reference

Take Full Advantage of the Oracle Solaris 11 Management Features Manage a highly scalable, cloud-based computing platform and deliver unmatched performance levels at every layer of your IT stack. Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration: The Complete Reference shows how...

Learning Chef

A Guide to Configuration Management and Automation

Linux Command Line

ItOCOs been said that OC graphical user interfaces make easy tasks easy, while command-line interfaces make difficult tasks possible.OCO The Linux Command Line shows readers how to control their computers and accomplish these difficult tasks using Bash, the Linux...

How Linux Works, 2nd Edition

What Every Superuser Should Know