Classic Greek Drama, 10 plays by Euripides in a single file

By | March 16, 2019

Classic Greek Drama, 10 plays by Euripides in a single file

This file includes 10 tragedies by Euripides, literally translated by Theodore Buckley. The plays are: HECUBA, ORESTES, PHOENISSAE (The Phoenician Virgins), MEDEA, HIPPOLYTUS, ALCESTIS, BACCHAE, HERACLIDAE, IPHIGENIA IN AULIS, and IPHIGENIA IN TAURIS. According to Wikipedia: “Euripides (ca. 480 BCE–406 BCE) was the last of the three great tragedians of classical Athens (the other two being Aeschylus and Sophocles). Ancient scholars thought that Euripides had written ninety-five plays, although four of those were probably written by Critias. Eighteen or nineteen of Euripides’ plays have survived complete. There has been debate about his authorship of Rhesus, largely on stylistic grounds and ignoring classical evidence that the play was his. Fragments, some substantial, of most of the other plays also survive. More of his plays have survived than those of Aeschylus and Sophocles together, because of the unique nature of the Euripidean manuscript tradition. Euripides is known primarily for having reshaped the formal structure of Athenian tragedy by portraying strong female characters and intelligent slaves and by satirizing many heroes of Greek mythology. His plays seem modern by comparison with those of his contemporaries, focusing on the inner lives and motives of his characters in a way previously unknown to Greek audiences.”

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