Cybersecurity Leadership

By | June 25, 2015

"The insights … go beyond cyber security alone to examine the critical concepts and often misunderstood distinction between leadership and management. This should be required reading on every college campus." – Collin Smith, CISSP – Cybersecurity Professional.
"…this book will change both the way we think about leadership and the way we understand information technology. I recommend this book highly to everyone." – Eric Schwartz  – Executive Director at Advena World LLC and Adjunct Professor in Economics at Montgomery College.
"…explains what an organization needs to know to implement cybersecurity governance." Council of Graduate Schools Testimony at the US Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting, April 29, 2014.
"…exposes the common faults with which we are all struggling in this industry.  It’s humorous … engaging, and I feel helps a reader question their own approaches. I was originally looking for a compendium that works as collateral reading for Cyber Security training courses, and I found it.  I genuinely recommend this work tool." – David Bickel – Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, State of Maryland.
Written by one of the leading global thought leaders in cybersecurity with 30 years of practical experience in the field, this book addresses the most neglected area of cybersecurity — cybersecurity governance — the management, leadership, and engagement of people for the purposes of cybersecurity. This book is an essential book for anyone interested in understanding how cybersecurity should be led in an organization. All business executives or students at any level will benefit from this book. Cybersecurity can be a source of productivity and innovation and be a revenue driver. The leadership principles are applicable in any field and in any organization. 

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