Diane D the Musical Drama: Volume 1 – Part 2

By | July 15, 2019

Diane D the Musical Drama: Volume 1 - Part 2

In Part 2, Diane D gets in trouble by her family. The following day, she goes inside her family’s office, goes to the telephone and secretly threatens her lover’s girlfriend right over the telephone, blaming her lover’s girlfriend for calling her family up causing all that trouble for her.

Diane D also goes man-hunting for a date for a High School Dance she is suppose to appear at and perform. When one of the men finally agrees to be Diane D’s date, his wife finds out about it. The man’s wife goes and looks for Diane D. When she finds Diane D inside a church, she angrily confronts Diane D! She then pays a price for it.

Diane D and her family appear at an elementary school one night so that Diane D can perform for a charity case there. After Diane D’s singing performance inside a crowded auditorium is over, a chubby little 9-year old black boy named Marcus approaches her. He brings Diane D to a private area in the school and tells Diane D that there is no charity case in the school. He confesses to Diane D that there was never a charity case at the school that the entire charity case was all a hoax planned by him and his older brother. He tells Diane D that he and his brother tricked her and her family into thinking that there was a charity case at the school just so that she can appear there and perform. Diane D becomes shocked when she realize that there was never a charity case at the school. She is shocked when she realize that she and her family had been tricked into coming to the school. She starts to become sad. She then becomes angry. She then goes CRAZY and terrorizes and harms the little boy right inside the school! The little boy pays a price for tricking Diane D and her family.

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