Dragon’s Fury: World War against America and the West – Volume III

By | July 24, 2019

Dragon's Fury: World War against America and the West - Volume III

The Coalition of Asian States, (CAS) allied with the Greater Islamic Republic (GIR), has invaded North America, defeated and occupied the whole of Australia, and taken Siberia from the Russians and invaded Russia. The entire Pacific rim has fallen. Israel stands alone in the Mid east, and Europe has been invaded. Heavy fighting is occurring throughout Central and South America and brutal attacks continue within the mainland of the United States.

As America and her allies develop fantastic military technology to counter the advances of her enemies, those enemies counter with technology of their own. The technology race takes the fight into near earth space and beyond.

The war has become personnal at all levels as even the leaders of nations are targeted, on both sides, for death in an effort to break the will and the leadership of each side.

Now, the CAS and GIR are approaching Anchorage, Alaska, Tel Aviv, Israel, and Moscow, Russia. More new technology is poised to be introduced by the west in defense of these critical areas. Can the west perservere? Can freedom survive in the face of ruthless, committed enemies and their ideologies? Or will the GIR and CAS continue to steamroll a path to world dominance?

Find out in the spell binding conclusion of Dragon’s Fury – World War against America and the West by Jeff Head

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