Education Nation

By | July 8, 2019

Education Nation

An educational innovator who worked at Sesame Workshop and The George Lucas Educational Foundation offers a new vision for learning
As a result of constant innovation, learning is no longer limited by traditional confines and we’re moving beyond students tied to their chairs, desks, and textbooks-and teachers locked away in classrooms. In Education Nation author Milton Chen draws from extensive experience in media-from his work on Sesame Street in its nascent years to his role as executive director of the George Lucas Educational Foundation-to support a vision for a new world of learning.

This book, in six chapters, explores the “edges” in education—the places where K-12 learning has already seen revolutionary changes through innovative reform and the use of technology.
Examines ways in which learning can be revolutionized through innovative reform and the use of technologyExplores the ever-expanding world of technology for breakthroughs in teaching and learningIncludes many wonderful resources to support innovation in schools across the nation
This important book offers a clear vision for tomorrow’s classrooms that will enhance learning opportunities for all children.

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