Fever (A Songbird Novel)

By | July 9, 2019

Fever (A Songbird Novel)

Love at first song…

She’s trapped in her own self doubt.

He’s planning a future alone.

But one morning shower song is about to change everything.

Ella reluctantly arrives at U Chicago to finish college with her long-time boyfriend who has already mapped out their future together.

But things take a complicated turn when she hears a luscious voice singing over her shower wall. Their spontaneous duet creates an immediate connection that has her questioning everything about her life and relationship.

Can one voice really have that much of an impact?

Cole is on his way out. The only thing he wants to do is finish school and get on with his life. But the sweet voice that interrupts his morning shower turns his world upside down.

Compelled to find his shower songbird, he begins a search across campus. The only thing to distract him from this goal is his roommate’s gorgeous girlfriend who’s just arrived from LA – Ella Simmons.

Relationships are put to the ultimate test as future dreams are questioned and friendships are thrown on the line for love.

You’ll love Fever because of its relatable characters and feel-good ending.

Buy it now and get ready to fall in love at first song.

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