Fifty Things You Need to Know About World History

By | October 22, 2019

Fifty Things You Need to Know About World History

What are the key 50 events you really need to understand to grasp the developments of our world?

In this highly entertaining read Hugh Williams distils world history into an insightful overview. By selecting fifty key people, places, battles, objects and events, he casts a clear eye over the way the world has developed and how we live today.
Injecting life into familiar historical landmarks as well as bringing lesser-known events to the forefront, Hugh shapes the fifty things into themes as all-encompassing today as they were over two thousand years ago: wealth, religion, conquest, discovery and freedom.

The Fifty Things include…
Origin of Species
Model T Ford
The Russian Revolution
Conquest of Mexico
Mao Tse Tung
Crucifixion of Jesus
Via Egnatia
Worldwide web
Nelson Mandela
Coronation of Charlemagne
American Declaration of Independence
Franco-Prussian War
The Black Death
And many more…


On Fifty Things you Need to Know about British History;

‘If history is your subject, then look no further than Fifty Things you Need to Know about British History. If you want an overview of what went on here, in bite-size chunks, throughout the centuries, this is the book for you’ The Lady

‘It offers insight and knowledge upon which to build a better understanding of the country we live in today’ Today’s History

Best General History ‘Combining simplicity with significance and anecdote with fact, this book will have relevance for every modern British reader’ Family History Monthly

About the author

About the author

Hugh Williams read Modern History at Oxford before beginning his career in television with the BBC. He has specialised in history and current affairs programming and in the early 80s was responsible for introducing the famous BBC history programme ‘Timewatch’ into the schedules. While Head of Broadcasting in Manchester he had the idea for and subsequently commissioned A.N. Wilson’s series ‘Eminent Victorians’.

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