Fund Investments 101

By | March 9, 2019

Fund Investments 101

The objective of this e-book is twofold. 
One, educating retail investors regarding fund investments. In particular, what do fund investments offer to retail investors? Are fund investments the lazy man’s answer to investing? Is there more to it? Which funds should you invest in? How are they faring? 
While the first part of this e-book will try to answer most of these answers, it is the second part where we will go into dissecting some, more noteworthy funds. 
How do we decide if these funds are noteworthy? We do not! That is where our research partners, Morningstar come in. Morningstar, a globally recognized research house, which by the way, specializes in fund house research, recently held its Morningstar Awards Ceremony 2013 in Singapore. The awards serves very much as an indicator of individual fund performance. 
By the end of this e-book, I hope that you would have grown just a little bit wiser when it comes to investments, particularly fund investments. 

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