Get Writing

Get Writing

A two week creative writing course offering inspiration and motivation through daily practical writing assignments.

In two weeks you will:

Clarify your motivation for writing as well as the kind of writing you’d like to do.

Experiment with expressing your own feelings and experiences; getting inside your characters heads; and turning a static situation into a dramatic, dynamic scenario.

Get inspiration from your passions, your memories, recalled experiences and feelings; and the characters you’ve come across who have influenced your life.

And above all you will learn how to avoid the blank page; get the ideas out of your head and on to paper; and develop the writing habit!

Learn the secrets of successful writers as well as writing tips and advice on how to build a well of ideas so that inspiration is always at hand.

If you have always wanted to write but found it difficult to know where to start, Janice Hally’s “Get Writing” will help you to let your creativity flow.

Readers’ testimonials received by the author:
“incredibly inspiring … a great strategy” Gary P
“a breath of inspiration!” Greg C
“illuminating beyond words” Tessa S
“useful, motivating and reassuring” Karen J
“I thoroughly enjoyed doing it and found it very helpful” Eileen K

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