Love Regifted: A Novel

By | June 23, 2019

Love Regifted: A Novel

Ava Sullivan thought her biggest problems included a cheating boyfriend, a devious step-sister, and a handful of really horrible clients at work. That is until her mother drops a bombshell that turns Ava’s very identity on its head. Feeling betrayed, Ava questions every relationship in her life, turning to an unlikely new acquaintance to find solace and–ahem–distraction.

Although Ava never suspects that a random meeting with Jay Matthews could become something serious, he’s interested in becoming much more than just a fling. He also knows a lot about regret and what it can do to a family. Jay wants to help Ava make peace with her past and move forward with her life without that same regret. Getting her to follow his advice, however, might take a little help from her friends.

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