Maya Techniques

Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation

Step-by-step instructions combined with in-depth discussions of topics ranging from the importance of good topology to the subtlety of facial expressions, make Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation an excellent all-around resource for the modeling, texturing and rigging of characters.
—William Dwelly, Senior Software TD

Maya Techniques / Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation is you solution for creating convincing characters in Maya. Get hands-on experience with innovative tools and powerful industry-recognized techniques as you learn to model like a pro, set-up your skeleton in a fast and easy way and create realistic facial controls. This book will help you achieve hyper-real characters quickly and effectively.

Get the inside scoop on high-end production techniques from industry pros Erick Miller, Paul Thuriot, and Jeff Unay! Through Project-based lessons, follow Jeff Unay’s process for modeling the beast, Paul Thuriot’s workflow for rigging the beast’s body and Erick Miller’s tips and techniques on complex facial rigging for maximum flexibility. The book car5efully delineates the entire production process for the beast’s creation, so that you can both understand the individual techniques and how they relate to each other in a pipeline. You’ll also take advantage of helpful video demonstrations so you can watch the experts at work.

By examining the entire process, you will learn strategies for creating characters with an emphasis on anatomy and realism. Lessons are designed to cover effective workflows for devising models that can be easily manipulated and animated. The methods discussed in this book can be applied to any setup needs that you may have because you’ll learn the rigging process from the concept stage through to pipeline integration.

With this book you will:

  • Be introduced to modeling theories
  • Learn how to use powerful tools like the Soft Modification Tool and the Split Edge Ring Tool.
  • Learn how to create custom hotkeys and marking menus
  • Import image planes and block out a character
  • Create an Adobe Photoshop network
  • Use automation scripts
  • Understand how to use a multiple rig workflow
  • Lock, paint, mirror skin weights, and connect a bound rig to a control rig
  • Create corrective blend shapes, and set-up cluster controls
  • Learn how to create jaw, eye, and lip setups
  • Discover concepts of a realistic skin shader

What you need to use this book

  • Maya Complete 7 or Maya Personal Learning Edition
  • DVD-ROM drive

Bonus Features

  • Video demonstrations of workflows & animation skills
  • Artist Interviews
  • MELTM Scripts
  • Scene Files
  • Support Files

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