Modern World History: Imperialism

Modern World History: Imperialism

This is the second interactive ebook of a series on modern world history for high school students and teachers. This volume focuses on imperialism, including sections on motives, early modern imperialism, a case study of the British raj in India, New Imperialism in China, and New Imperialism Africa. Unlike almost all textbooks, high school teachers wrote, designed, edited, and published this text to engage students in an in-depth analysis of the story of modern world history. 

There is also a web site version of the book that includes the same text but lacks most of the interactive features of this ebook:

This book is a rough first draft and half of it has not been edited thoroughly. Please email feedback to [email protected] Feedback would be much appreciated. 

We will continue to revise and update the chapters. The next volume will be on World War I and should be complete in late November, 2012.

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