Primates in Medical Research

By | March 2, 2019

Primates in Medical Research

Primates in Medical Research 
Moshe Bushmitz and Understanding Animal Research have developed a new educational ebook.  
Electronic books are an exciting new platform. They allow images, sound and video to create an interactive display that complements the text. The user experience is more immediately engaging and personal than either a website or text book, providing an immersive educational tool which brings the subject to life. The book has been used here to provide a new type of text on primates. The book has several advantages over traditional textbooks: a large amount of information can be made available in an easily portable format, they can be updated and revised easily and they can be distributed freely. 
The book has been developed to help explain the vital role played by non-human primates in medical research programs to students, facility employees, stakeholders and others. We hope that it will help reshape our communications, adapting them to reach a new generation of readers.

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