Professional Design Patterns in VB .NET

By | July 28, 2015

Professional Design Patterns in VB .NET: Building Adaptable Applications is not merely design pattern theory. No, no. Instead, the authors show design patterns applied to real-world architectural scenarios, so you can witness the patterns in action, reaping benefits along the way!

The core of this book contains three case studies, which explain design pattern application in each main tier of an application: data, business, and presentation layers. These case studies flesh out your understanding of design patterns, illustrating how the scenarios can be realistically employed and recognized by all Visual Basic .NET programmers.

Also featured: how design patterns can be used in conjunction with .NET Remoting, to be applied across tiers, as well as within them. And since many VB .NET programmers may not be wholly familiar with UML, the authors also provide a UML primer as an appendix.

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