Real Life Dramas: Boxed Set Collection

By | July 23, 2019

Real Life Dramas: Boxed Set Collection

This digital boxed set contains all 3 volumes of the popular Real Life Dramas series. With 23 gripping stories spanning more than 600 pages, the reader is guaranteed many hours of reading pleasure.

There are no more enthralling stories than those that are true….Real life scenarios of danger, suspense and intrigue that involve real people. These accounts have been dramatized in story form.

Inside this boxed set of short inspirational true stories:

Volume One

•Shallow Grave
•The Other Side of Darkness
•Murder At Midnight
•Bad Moon Rising
•Nowhere Man

Volume Two

•The Mysterious Cave
•Eye of the Storm
•Treasure Trove
•Shadows from the Past

Volume Three

•Hold Up
•Road To Nowhere
•Fire and Ice

Real life drama stories of triumph, survival, greed and tragedy. Read them if you dare…


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