Rebelled, An Arelia LaRue Novel #7

By | March 17, 2019

Rebelled, An Arelia LaRue Novel #7

Down in New Orleans, there is a dangerous, deadly and unpredictable war brewing. Arelia LaRue quickly realizes that both the physical and spiritual worlds are at risk along with countless unsuspecting souls. From the chaos, romance and brutality of revolutionary Haiti, Arelia chases after the past only to find that its implications are now fully manifesting in a horrifying manner.

In the midst of discovering shocking secrets, experiencing devastating heartache, and fighting spiritual wickedness in high and low places, Arelia must act like a true Queen. She must push her own emotions aside, even if that means giving up the one person whose soul she loves above all else.
Arelia’s haunting world filled with the beautiful and gruesome will spirit you away…

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