Rhyme and Reason

By | February 11, 2019

Rhyme and Reason

Phantasmagoria, in Seven Cantos:—
The Trystyng
Hys Fyve Rules
Hys Nouryture
Sad Souvenaunce
A Sea Dirge
Ye Carpette Knyghte
Hiawatha's Photographing
A Valentine
The Three Voices:
The First Voice
The Second Voice
The Third Voice
Tèma Con Variazióni
A Game of Fives
Poeta fit, non nascitur
The Hunting of the Snark, an Agony in Eight Fits:—
The Landing
The Bellman's Speech
The Baker's Tale
The Hunting
The Beaver's Lesson
The Barrister's Dream
The Banker's Fate
The Vanishing
Size and Tears
Atalanta in Camden Town
The Lang Coortin'
Four Riddles
Fame's Penny-Trumpet

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