Step Up Your Grammar

By | May 21, 2019

Step Up Your Grammar

English teachers often hear students complain that they “can’t do grammar”.  As a middle school teacher, Lauren Windom, the author of Step Up Your Grammar, discovered that students can more easily master grammar constructions if they follow a specific set of steps that leave little room for hesitation or uncertainty.  Therefore, she created Step Up Your Grammar, a workbook designed to help students realize that identifying and manipulating various grammar constructions is just like solving a math equation.  By following a simple set of steps, they can arrive at the answer.  The lessons and practice sections in this workbook are readily accessible to middle and high school students.  The review exercises ask students to not only identify constructions, but also analyze, draft, and combine sentences in hopes of alleviating many common writing weaknesses.  Step Up Your Grammar will help individuals develop a love for and confidence in grammar and will consequently improve their oral and written communication skills.

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