The History of Cuba in 50 Events

By | October 12, 2019

The History of Cuba in 50 Events

☆ Cuban History in 50 Events ☆
Cuba is a nation with a long, rich history. The study of Cuban history is also the study of the development of the New World by Europe, and the first steps taken by New World countries to establish independent governments. Cuba played a significant role in the growth of the New World, and throughout its history has been a part of major world events that have taken place around it. This book is designed to familiarize readers with a broad overview of Cuban history and the context that made that development possible. 

Inside you will read about…
✓ First Settlement of Cuba
✓ Ten Years War Begins
✓ Cuba Gains Independence
✓ Cuba Enters World War I
✓ Creation of the Cuban Socialist Party
✓ Castro and Che Begin Invasion of Cuba
✓ Cuban Missile Crisis
✓ Former President Jimmy Carter Visits Cuba
✓ Diplomatic Relations with US Re-opened
And much more!

Broken down into fifty easy-to-read chapters that will allow readers to gain insight into Cuban history without being overwhelmed by its depth, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking a better understanding of North America and its development.

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