The Ruby Way

Annotation Get more “bang for your buck” using Ruby for all day-to-day programming and scripting needs. “How to” information enables programmers to rapidly and easily incorporate Ruby into their daily jobs. Logical and methodical presentation offers knowledge and information for experienced programmers who need to produce tangible results. Written by professional programmers who are using Ruby for a wide range of tasks. This book assumes that the reader is already familiar with the subject matter. Using many code samples it focuses on “how-to use Ruby” for specific applications, either as a stand-alone language, or in conjunction with other languages. It covers simple data tasks, manipulating structured data, external data manipulation, user interfaces, handling threads, system programming, network and Web programming, and tools and utilities. The appendices offer instruction on migrating from Perl and Python to Ruby, and extending Ruby in C and C++ Hal Fulton has two degrees in computer science, in addition to 16 years of industry experience. He has been using Ruby since 1999 for a variety of programming tasks from large application and system programming to programming embedded applications. Guy Hurst is the founder and proprietor of Hurstlinks, a Web development firm in Norfolk, VA. He has been using Ruby for many years, in place of Perl for a full range of Web programming tasks.

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