This “Ain’t” No Ordinary English Book

By | July 9, 2019

This "Ain't" No Ordinary English Book

This “Ain’t” No Ordinary English Book is the perfect go-to guide for grammar, punctuation, writing, and everything in between.  This is a magnificent yet simple book that will help you understand, remember, and actually apply the rules and tips to your writing and to everyday life.
An ideal handbook that can be used by virtually anyone, such as college students, high school students, elementary school students, and anyone trying to improve in writing and/or speaking.

Grammar & Punctuation: Learn rules and tips for proper grammar and punctuation usage, including commas, semicolons, apostrophes, quotations, and more…

Essay Writing: Learn the steps for writing an effective paragraph and an effective essay, inlcuding thesis statements, topic sentences, prewriting, and more…`

Sourcing: Learn how to properly site sources on a works cited page and throughout the essay… 

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