Why You’re Fat: 21 Unbreakable Laws to Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off for Life

By | June 17, 2019

Why You're Fat: 21 Unbreakable Laws to Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off for Life

Even when you exercise and think you’re eating healthily, you can start packing on the pounds without realizing it.  Then the fateful day comes when your favorite jeans, your best suit, or your once-flattering sundress stops fitting you.

So, what are you doing wrong? 

There are countless secret and not-so-secret sources of weight gain.  If you’re not careful with the choices you make, you can gain 20 pounds on the road to a less flattering dress or bigger pant size.  It’s easy to feel frustrated and hopeless, especially if you think you’ve been doing everything right with your diet and exercise regimen.

Your modern lifestyle is making you fat.  Between unhealthy health foods, vanity sizing, yo-yo dieting, misleading advertising, highly processed foods, and many competing theories of weight management, it’s hard work staying “just” overweight, much less becoming obese.  

Then add to the mix double income households that leave families with little to no time to cook healthy meals — and high-stress jobs that trigger toxic levels of cortisol and leave no time to sleep or exercise — and it’s easy to see why America has a burgeoning weight problem that shows no signs of improving any time soon. 

Modern life makes being in shape difficult, but armed with the truth it’s not impossible.  By examining these 21 reasons for why you’re overweight (even when you think that you’re doing everything right), you can finally start to make the change necessary to lose the weight you’ve been gaining — despite your best efforts — and keep it off for good.

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