World History in Twelve Hops 1: Dinosaurs

By | August 15, 2019

World History in Twelve Hops 1: Dinosaurs

Young Charlie Watts has to give a speech tomorrow in history class. It’s past his bedtime, he’s tired, and he hasn’t written any of his speech beyond the heading. It’s not looking good. But then he notices a strange book on his shelf…

Little does Charlie know that he’s about to have the most amazing adventure of his life. He’ll dodge dinosaurs; ride a chariot in the Ancient Olympics; trade with merchants on the Silk Road; see Tenochtitlan, capital city of the Aztec Empire; play lacrosse with Native Americans, and meet famous people like Leonardo da Vinci and Charles Dickens.

The companion puzzle is now fully functional and optimized for iPad. Should you encounter any usability issue with another device, please use the ‘contact’ button at the bottom left of the puzzle and we will fix it for you within 48h.

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