Write and Grow Rich

By | March 8, 2019

Write and Grow Rich

Can you write? If you can, you can grow rich. 

This book shows you how and you get $5,000 of author resources when you go to RichAuthors.com and submit your order number.

Have you tried all the entrepreneurial tricks only to end up back where you started? Are you passionate about an idea that you want to share with the world? Do you wish you could turn a single book into something more? Bestselling author Alinka Rutkowska started with one book and transformed it into a successful six-figure business. But she isn’t the only one. Join her and 23 other powerful authorpreneurs as they share “how they did it” in this once-in-a-lifetime collection of true stories.

They are: Adam Houge, Alexa Bigwarfe, Amy Collins, Bryan Cohen, Caitlin Pyle, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Christine Kloser, Daniel Hall, Donna Kozik, Debbie Drum, Derek Doepker, Derek Murphy, Jason Ladd, Jyotsna Ramachandran, Kirsten Oliphant, Kristen Joy, Lise Cartwright, Marc Guberti, Matt Stone, Sally Miller, Steve Alcorn, Summer Tannhauser, Susan Friedmann.

24 successful authors. 24 stories to help you turn books into a six-figure calling.

Remember, you also get $5,000 worth of bonuses gifted to you by the authors when you go to RichAuthors.com and submit your order number. 

Start reading now to: 
– discover how to write your book to prosper; 
– find out efficient ways of self-publishing on a budget whether your write fiction or nonfiction; 
– discover how quickly you can expect to start profiting from your writing whether you write Kindle books or prefer paperbacks; 
– find out about the key factors to these authors’ book marketing success; 
– learn about these authors’ biggest mistakes when self-publishing a book and how you can avoid them; 
– read about their best decisions and how you can emulate them to achieve the same level of success; 
– see what they would have done differently if they were to start again, so that you can learn how to publish an ebook and create a business out of it without repeating their mistakes; 
– check out the worst advice they’ve heard about the subject of authorship and book marketing and what you should do instead; 
– learn creative ways of honing your writing skills to write books that sell; 
– discover what they do when they feel overwhelmed; – read their advice for authors who are still struggling; 
– discover these authors’ most unusual habits and tools that make them successful! 

“Write and Grow Rich” is a jam-packed handbook for making your words worth more than you ever dreamed possible. If you like expert guidance, multiple points of view, and down-to-earth education from entrepreneurs who’ve made it, then you’ll love Alinka Rutkowska’s authorpreneurial anthology.

The 24 featured authorpreneurs are divided into six groups: authors, communicators, marketers, teachers, trainers and transformers.

Discover which group you belong to and how you can leverage that to become a rich author!

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Buy “Write and Grow Rich”now to start applying time-tested wisdom to your business today!

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