Writing Blockbuster Plots

By | May 26, 2019

Writing Blockbuster Plots

Plotting a story filled with memorable, engaging scenes from beginning to end can feel

like an insurmountable challenge. Having the right plan – and the tools to execute it – can make all the difference. Writing Blockbuster Plots pulls back the curtain on story structure with step-by-step strategies and visuals that turn plotting and scene writing into a no-stress endeavor.

In this completely revised and updated edition, celebrated writing instructor and plot consultant Martha Alderson helps you navigate the intricacies of story with the help of her exclusive Plot Planner and Scene Tracker tools. Using Alderson’s effective, accessible techniques, you’ll be able to:
PLOT your story from beginning to end with a focus on dramatic action, the emotional development of your characters, and thematic significance.ENSURE that each scene contributes meaningfully to the narrative by tracking the seven essential elements of scene.LINK scenes by cause and effect to create a tight, seamless narrative.INJECT tension and conflict to keep readers glued to the page.TARGET weak areas in your story and learn how to fix them.Filled with examples from both classic and contemporary novels, as well as illustrations of the Plot Planner and Scene Tracker in action, Writing Blockbuster Plots strips the confusion out of the plotting process, enabling you to write a story that deserves a standing ovation.

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